"The Day Before" Parody Game Better Than Original

Game Information !
The Day Before was a multiplayer survival horror extraction shooter video game developed by Fntastic and published by Mytona. Set in the future, players controlled a character who must traverse and survive in the fictional, post-apocalyptic 'New Fortune City', which has been overrun by zombies. It was announced in 2021 and released in early access on 7 December 2023 for Microsoft Windows on Steam.

The game's lengthy development led to questions of its legitimacy, and it drew early criticism for its perceived status as a scam. The development was marred by legal disputes involving Fntastic, as well as accusations of plagiarism and soliciting unpaid labour; Fntastic denied accusations of scamming and plagiarism. Former Fntastic developers later accused the studio's founders of severe mismanagement. Upon release, The Day Before was panned by critics for its technical issues and lack of creativity. Four days later, it was removed from sale—with its servers remaining open until the following month—and Fntastic was closed due to its poor sales performance.

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- Video mn sb kuch btaya hy dekh lo !

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• Disclaimer
This game is Just a concept game based on India "GTA India".

• Note Before Downloading : This is an old version
- File Name : NA
- Game Size : NA
-  At Least 4GB Ram
- Wait 10 seconds and click button "Download File"

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